2019 BMX Year in Review

Looking back on this year we do so with many emotions. Watching Andrew Colling and Sami Colling participate in an activity they love with all their heart, experience triumphs, losses, injuries, friends, and so much more… it is very challenging to express how we feel.

There are no words powerful or descriptive enough to share our joy ❤️

Thank you to everyone who supports us, cheers for us, shares their love of our children and their accomplishments.

Thank you to London Wilmot and our C-Yaa family for your support and encouragement.

To our sponsors, thank you for your support, we could not have accomplished all we have without your help.
Matt’s Place – Legion 631
Brian Lollar
E6 Racing Components

C-Yaa BMX frames, FLY racing, Answer BMX, KMC Chain USA, ODI Grips, Thomson Bike Products​, Enamel Brand, Aztec Brakes and Cables, Finish Line Bicycle Care Products

2019 was an amazing year with some impressive goals and achievements, 2020 will be even better!

Here are some fun Stats…
– 43,742 km travelled
– 469 Hours in a vehicle (not including over nights)
– 24 BMX Tracks
– 218 Races
– 12 National Events
– 13 States / Provinces
– 156 Podium Finishes!
– UCI World Event Qualification
– 1st USA BMX Grands Event

– Gold Cup #1 / #2 / #3
– Canadian Nationals – CNAG #1 / CNAT #21 / CNAG #2 CNAT #43
– Ontario Provincials – #2
– UCI Canadian Championships 2020 World Qualifiers – N3 / N3 / N6

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