2022 BMX Season

2022 Andrew Colling‘s most successful BMX year to date!!!
Number 1 in Canada ☑️
Race a main event at Grands ☑️
Become top 10 in North America for 16 Expert N.A.G. 20″ Class☑️
Become top 5 in North America for 16 year old Cruiser N.A.G. ☑️
Proudly Represent my country ☑️🇨🇦
At 16 years of age, the speed is fast, the competition is fierce, and the dangers are real. Andrew Colling trains hard, rides smart and loves his sport and all that it brings.
Congratulations Andrew, to say that we are proud is an understatement.
Thank you London Wilmot and C-Yaa BMX frames for your continued support. It is an honour riding for such a great team and on an amazing frame.
Thank you to our team sponsors, this was a tough year for equipment between upgrades and unexpected events, but with your help, you kept us in the race.
To our personal sponsors, your assistance was invaluable in helping us achieve Andrew’s goals. We can honestly say, without you we would not be where we are today.
And to our family, friends and fans. Your cheers help motivate us to cross that finish line.