2023 Crash

Andrew Colling crashed on the weekend while racing at Milton BMX.
First, he is doing well and is being released from hospital today.
He crashed going into the first corner and went down hard, losing consciousness for about 1 min. The team at Milton did a great job and our medical system was very thorough and effective for caring for our boy.
Andrew’s official diagnosis is broken right clavicle, concussion with a brain contusion (basically a small bruise on his brain with some minor bleeding) and a bruised lung and the standard road rash that comes with a crash.
CT scans show he is ok and no permanent damage. Lung is not an issue and scrapes will heal.
Collarbone was successfully repaired with surgery.
Andrew is alert and doing well, sore and will have a rough couple of weeks during recovery, but he remembers everything and is only suffering minor concussion symptoms.
The medical team are happy with his progress and satisfied to release him back into the wild.
No surprise our BMX family came to our rescue and helped us in many ways from supporting Andrew and us, getting our vehicle home, and putting us up in their home. We LOVE our community and cannot thank you enough.
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