Calgary AB Canadian BMX Championships Thank You

This weekend was an amazing opportunity and experience for Andrew Colling.
Thank you to Coach Brendan Arnold for believing in Andrew and inviting him to join Team Ontario. Your guidance and training is pushing Andrew to be the best he can be.
Thank you to C-Yaa BMX frames and London Wilmot for your continued support and encouragement. Andrew works very hard and is proud to represent your team and brand.
Thank you to our fans, friends and family. Having an audience that truly care like you do is very heart warming. ❤
Thank you to the other Team Ontario riders for the entertainment in the pits.
This weekend was not just about the competition, the experience is a package deal.
As a parent being able to show your children the world and helping them develop and thrive is the ultimate gift.
Andrew, you are an amazing son, person, competitor and friend. Seeing you perform and interact with your community makes us so proud.
Remember this weekend, not just for the race but for everything you experienced:
Traveling, new city, province, BMX track, meeting new people, building friendships, supporting team mates, cheering on your competitors and congratulating them on beating you in a race and truly meaning it.
You are an amazing person and don’t ever change or forget that.
We love you and congratulations on a fantastic weekend.