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Pull Magazine – District Number 1

Andrew Colling making Pull Magazine with USA BMX for a District Number 1 Plate in both Class and Cruiser. Can’t wait to get back on the track!!! C-Yaa BMX frames, C-Yaa National Team, Aztec Brakes and Cables, Blot Out Graphics, DFS, Enamel Brand, Finish Line Bicycle Care […]

New Sponsor – Yummy Sports

Andrew Colling is super excited to announce a new sponsor. Thank you Yummy Sports Something Different, Something New. The best supplements taste that gives the best results. Yummy Sports is the #1 tasting supplements brand on the market along […]

Blue Ridge Nationals

What a way to start the 2020 race season! 3 Day National 12 Mains made 6 Podium finishes 3 C-Yaa “Bike Shop Team” Wins Consistent Performance and Continuous improvement! What more could a coach ask for. Super proud of Andrew […]

First Race of 2020

The kids first race of 2020, Blue Ridge Nationals in Lexington Virginia. Told Andrew Colling and Sami Colling to start the year off strong and they did not disappoint! Andrew has two 2nd place finishes and Sami made both of […]

Welcome to 2020!

New Year, New Challenges, New News! Andrew Colling and Sami Colling are THRILLED to be returning to C-Yaa. Sami with the C-Yaa National Team and Andrew being moved up to the C-Yaa Manufacturing team! Thank you London Wilmot and C-Yaa […]

We Made Team Canada!

Official Confirmation (always nice to see it in writing) of Andrew Colling and Sami Colling going to Texas in 2020 as a part of Team Canada!…/2019-12-09-2020-BMX-World-Ch…

2019 BMX Year in Review

Looking back on this year we do so with many emotions. Watching Andrew Colling and Sami Colling participate in an activity they love with all their heart, experience triumphs, losses, injuries, friends, and so much more… it is very challenging […]

USA BMX Grands Day 1

Today is the day! Andrew Colling is racing the Grands first qualifier today, Cruiser moto 255 – 9 racks of cruisers – 51 riders aged 13) Class moto 639 – 15 racks of 13X – 89 riders aged 13 and […]

Boiler Room Climbing Gym

Andrew Colling and Sami Colling doing some rock climbing at the Boiler Room Climbing Gym taking on the 100′ chimney (Canada’s highest indoor climb) So proud of these two for facing a new challenge and having a blast doing it […]