End of year BMX message

How to describe this year…I would say this was the year of the “MOST”

Most Exciting!
Most Improved 😊
Most Distance Traveled… 44,000 km
Most Hours in the vehicle… 452 Hours (not including over nights)
Most money spent… 😬💲💲💲
Most places visited/traveled… 22 BMX Tracks and four camps
Most races raced… 288 Races
Most points earned… Combined more than 19,000 District points!
Most rewards received… Combined – 179 Podium Finishes!
Most friends made ❤️

Thank you to London Wilmot and our C-Yaa family for welcoming us to the team with open arms.

Thank you to ALL the volunteers at EVERY event. You all work extremely hard and perform an amazing service to our sport.

Thank you to James Pennucci with BMX Action Photography, your photos are truly amazing and help tell the story of our adventures.

To our family family and close friends, we owe you the biggest thanks for your support and understanding. It is sometimes very difficult to choose which events to attend, so thank you for understanding when our absence was unavoidable.

This was the year of discovery for us to see the potential of our kids on a National level and Andrew Colling and Sami Colling did not disappoint. Their hard work and passion helped them excel in a sport that has taken over our lives…there isn’t a decision we make anymore that BMX is not the first factor…

Next year will be even bigger…
follow Andrew’s progress as he takes on even more National races as well as aiming to qualify for the World BMX Championships in 2020.
Sami’s Goal is to improve her current rankings of #2 Canadian National Age Group and #2 Gold Cup.

WOO HOO!!! no more driving for two whole weeks 😋

We wish all a very Merry Christmas and Happy and safe holiday travels.

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