Grippen BMX Jan 20-21

Grippen BMX and The Colling’s

What an awesome weekend. It was really nice meeting some of the other C-yaa riders

Sami Colling had a good weekend with some tough competition. She finished 3rd in both Class and Opens on Saturday (20th). As for Sunday, it was a disappointing day, but the lessons learned were worth the trip. Sami did not qualify for class, but made a 3rd place finish in the open. We saw some really good improvements and effort and in spite of the results, we are very proud of our girl.

Andrew Colling had a great weekend. on Saturday he was racing 11 Expert with Shane and finished 2nd place, but Andrew was starting to nip at Shane’s heels. Andrew also finished 2nd in the open against some older kids. Sunday was the thrilling event, Andrew was bumped up to the 12 Expert class and made the main with a full gate. with a crowded first corner, Andrew pedaled through the crowd to finish with a 3rd place. I have never seen him so happy to come in 3rd place. Andrew also finished first in the opens.

Kids are super stoked to attend the Nationals in Louisville!