Kentucky Nationals

Back from Kentucky and the kids are official USA BMX National main makers!!!

Sami Colling made all 6 main events with a top finish position of 2nd place.

Andrew Colling made 5 of 6 main events with a top finish position of 2nd place.

The improvement made in just 1 year at the same event and the increased confidence is truly mind blowing 🤯

It also felt like Christmas between getting the new uniforms and some equipment upgrades… Our riders are looking very sharp.

Beyond his impressive track performance, the highlight for Andrew was getting his new carbon rims from E6 Racing Components.

A special thank you to Brian Lollar for working with Andrew on his exercise workouts. And especially to our C-Yaa teammates for your support and encouragement this weekend, it meant alot to our kids and us 👨‍🔧🏋️‍♂️

As always it was great seeing our extended BMX family ❤️ and making new friends.

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