Kingston BMX Race Weekend

Kingston BMX race weekend has come and gone. It was a great event and the club and volunteers did an amazing job. It was an honour to be the official for the race…I had to make some tough but fair calls…Thank you KBMX for placing your trust in me.

Sami Colling had to miss the Gold Cup due to a cold, but she came back strong for the Provincial qualifier placing 2nd in the main.

Andrew Colling had a crazy weekend…He did well placing 2nd in the Gold Cup (after a crash in the first qualifier), but the Provincial was another story…one of his fellow riders nearly went down in the first corner and Andrew’s instincts kicked in and he avoided the situation, thankfully the other rider gained control, but Andrew got blocked high in the corner and could not recover…he finished 5th. If that had not happened, it would have been an amazing race to watch as the other rider was one of Andrew’s best competitors and it is always great watching a close race.

Andrew did partake in the 11-14 Open finishing 4th out of 10 racers.

Some of our friends were hurt this weekend, to them we wish you a speedy recovery and we will see you on the track soon.

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