Maple Leaf Nationals

This was a rough weekend for our riders and our team.

Sami Colling was up against a tough group of girls, and while trying to make a move against a faster competitor she got squeezed and blocked and missed her main event. Tough go, but she came out with good spirits.

Andrew Colling was on fire this weekend making 4 main events…then today in his main event in Cruiser, Andrew crashed and hurt his butt and/or tail bone. During his main event in Class he snapped the gate and felt the pain right away…as a result we decided to pull him from the remaining events to allow him to heal for Kentucky.

Andrew was not the worse for wear, some of our other teammates also crashed and we send them healing vibes for quick recoveries

Good luck tomorrow to all of the racers in Milton, we will be cheering for you.

Thank you for all of the support and well wishes from our friends and family. It really means a lot to know how much you care

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Brian Lollar
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Andrew Colling Maple Leaf National Main Event Cruiser Crash…

Thank you to JPennucci Photography for catching the action!

Special shout out to Brock the Rocket Smith and Brendan Felser for running over Andrew LOL

Andrew is doing just fine and looking forward to Kentucky in a week and a half