Quebec Cup – Pointe Du Lac

Weekend Results from Quebec Cup Race in Pointe Du Lac Quebec
Sami Colling had a great run with two 5th place finishes.
Sami’s gates where phenomenal and she pushed herself and her competitors hard this weekend.
Great work Sami!!
Andrew Colling had an interesting weekend.
Cruiser was amazing with two 1st place finishes!
20″ Class, well…
Saturday was full of challenges. Andrew flipped the gate, broke a shoe, had to borrow a pair and then in the main event another rider flipped the gate hitting Andrew and causing a distraction and slowing him down. Even after a full day of craziness, Andrew fought hard and finished with a 3rd place. Considering everything that happened, this is a great achievement.
Sunday was intense as he and Reese Halle battled head to head all day, which ended up with a hard fought 2nd place in the main event.


Reese Halle on an awesome weekend!