Race Results – 2015

Race Summary

Races Mains Made 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th – 8th Place
Andrew 81 73 17 25 15 10 6
Sami 83 70 19 20 23 6 2

BMX Canada Awards


  • Ontario Provincial Series – 2nd place for 9 year old Experts
  • Top 10 rider in the District rankings (10th)


  • Canadian Nationals – CNAG #3 for 8 year old Girls
  • Ontario Provincial Series – 2nd place for 8 year old Girls
  • Top 10 rider in the District rankings (4th)

Top 3 Tracks Attended

  1. Kingston BMX (56 Races)
  2. Grippen Park BMX (21 Races)
  3. Milton BMX (17 Races)

 Race Results

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2015-01-10Winter SeriesGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling8 Intermediate4th
2015-01-10Winter SeriesGrippen Park BMXSami Colling7 Novice1st
2015-01-11Winter SeriesGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling8 Intermediate2nd
2015-03-07Winter SeriesGrippen Park BMXSami Colling7 Novice1st
2015-03-08Winter SeriesGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate4th
2015-03-08Winter SeriesGrippen Park BMXSami Colling8 Novice2nd
2015-04-11Race for Life - DoubleGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate6th
2015-05-16Local RaceNepean BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate3rd
2015-05-16Local RaceOttawa BMXSami Colling8 Girl3rd
2015-05-16Local RaceNepean BMXSami Colling8 Girl3rd
2015-05-24Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate1st
2015-05-24Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling9-10 Mixed Open2nd
2015-05-24Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling7-8 Mixed Open2nd
2015-05-24Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling9 Intermediate2nd
2015-06-04Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling7-8 Mixed Open2nd
2015-06-04Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-06-06Capital City Nationals (Pre-race)Nepean BMXSami Colling9 Girl1st
2015-06-07Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate1st
2015-06-07Capital City NationalsNepean BMXSami Colling8 Girl3rd
2015-06-07Local RaceGan BMXSami Colling9 Intermediate3rd
2015-06-18Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling11 Intermediate3rd
2015-06-18Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate1st
2015-06-19Race for Life - SingleWolfe Creek BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate2nd
2015-06-19Race for Life - SingleWolfe Creek BMXSami Colling9 Girl3rd
2015-06-20Provincial QualifierWolfe Creek BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate4th
2015-06-20Provincial QualifierWolfe Creek BMXSami Colling8 Girl3rd
2015-06-21Warnicke - SingleWolfe Creek BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate4th
2015-06-21Warnicke - SingleWolfe Creek BMXSami Colling9 Girl1st
2015-06-26Limestone City Nationals (Pre-race)Kingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate4th
2015-06-26Limestone City Nationals (Pre-race)Kingston BMXSami Colling10 Girl3rd
2015-06-27Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate2nd
2015-06-27Limestone City Nationals (1)Kingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate3rd
2015-06-27Limestone City Nationals (2)Kingston BMXAndrew CollingAndrew Colling4th
2015-06-27Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling10 Intermediate3rd
2015-06-27Limestone City Nationals (1)Kingston BMXSami Colling8 Girl4th
2015-07-02Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate1st
2015-07-02Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling11 Cruiser3rd
2015-07-02Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling9 Intermediate2nd
2015-07-05Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate2nd
2015-07-05Local RaceGan BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-07-08Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate1st
2015-07-08Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling11 Cruiser3rd
2015-07-08Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling9 Intermediate2nd
2015-07-15Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate1st
2015-07-15Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling9 Intermediate3rd
2015-07-19Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling13 Expert3rd
2015-07-19Local RaceGan BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-07-22Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate2nd
2015-07-22Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling41-45 Cruiser5th
2015-07-22Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate1st
2015-07-24Warnicke - SingleMilton BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate2nd
2015-07-24Warnicke - SingleMilton BMXSami Colling8 Girl2nd
2015-07-25Provincial QualifierMilton BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate3rd
2015-07-25Provincial QualifierMilton BMXSami Colling11-12 Girl Cruiser3rd
2015-07-25Provincial QualifierMilton BMXSami Colling8 Girl2nd
2015-07-26Race for Life - DoubleMilton BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate4th
2015-07-26Race for Life - DoubleMilton BMXSami Colling11-12 Girl Cruiser3rd
2015-07-26Race for Life - DoubleMilton BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-07-29Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Expert2nd
2015-07-29Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling36-40 Cruiser3rd
2015-08-01Gold Cup Qualifier TripleOttawa BMXAndrew Colling9 Intermediate1st
2015-08-01Gold Cup Qualifier TripleOttawa BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-08-01Provincial QualifierNepean BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-08-02Provincial QualifierOttawa BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert6th
2015-08-02Provincial QualifierOttawa BMXSami Colling11-12 Girl Cruiser3rd
2015-08-02Provincial QualifierOttawa BMXSami Colling9 Girl1st
2015-08-06Local RaceHampton BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-08-06Local RaceHampton BMXSami Colling8 Girl2nd
2015-08-08Gold Cup Qualifier TripleHampton BMXSami Colling8 Girl4th
2015-08-09Next Generation OpenHampton BMXAndrew Colling10 and Under Open7th
2015-08-09Double Point RaceHampton BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert5th
2015-08-09Girls Next Generation OpenHampton BMXSami Colling12 and Under Girls Open7th
2015-08-09Double Point RaceHampton BMXSami Colling8 Girl3rd
2015-08-13Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert1st
2015-08-13Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling17-20 Woman Cruiser3rd
2015-08-13Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-08-16Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling26-30 Cruiser3rd
2015-08-16Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert1st
2015-08-16Local RaceGan BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-08-19Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling11 Intermediate3rd
2015-08-19Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling12 Cruiser4th
2015-08-19Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate2nd
2015-08-22Provincial QualifierKingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert4th
2015-08-22Provincial QualifierKingston BMXSami Colling8 Girl2nd
2015-08-23Race For LifeKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate1st
2015-08-23Race For LifeKingston BMXAndrew Colling17-20 Cruiser3rd
2015-08-23Provincial QualifierGan BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-08-23Race For LifeKingston BMXSami Colling9 Intermediate3rd
2015-08-26Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling11 Intermediate2nd
2015-08-26Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling36-40 Cruiser3rd
2015-08-26Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate2nd
2015-08-28Pre RaceMilton BMXSami Colling10 Girl3rd
2015-08-29NationalMilton BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert8th
2015-08-29NationalMilton BMXSami Colling8 Girl4th
2015-08-30NationalMilton BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert8th
2015-08-30NationalMilton BMXSami Colling8 Girl3rd
2015-09-02Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate1st
2015-09-02Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling12 Cruiser2nd
2015-09-02Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling12 Cruiser3rd
2015-09-02Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate1st
2015-09-06Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling12 Intermediate4th
2015-09-06Local RaceGan BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-09-09Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Cruiser2nd
2015-09-09Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate1st
2015-09-09Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling10 Cruiser3rd
2015-09-09Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate2nd
2015-09-11Double Point RaceMilton BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert1st
2015-09-11Double Point RaceMilton BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-09-12Provincial FinalMilton BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-09-12Provincial FinalMilton BMXSami Colling8 Girl2nd
2015-09-26Local RaceNepean BMXAndrew Colling10 Expert2nd
2015-09-26Local RaceOttawa BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate2nd
2015-09-26Local RaceOttawa BMXAndrew Colling14 Cruiser3rd
2015-09-26Local RaceNepean BMXAndrew Colling15 Cruiser3rd
2015-09-26Local RaceOttawa BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate2nd
2015-09-26Local RaceNepean BMXSami Colling9 Girls1st
2015-09-27Double Point RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate1st
2015-09-27Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling13 Cruiser3rd
2015-09-27Local RaceGan BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-09-27Local RaceGan BMXSami Colling8 Girl1st
2015-09-27Double Point RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate2nd
2015-10-04Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling10 Intermediate1st
2015-10-04Local RaceKingston BMXAndrew Colling9 Cruiser1st
2015-10-04Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling8 Intermediate2nd
2015-10-04Local RaceKingston BMXSami Colling9 Cruiser3rd
2015-10-10Double Point RaceStouffville BMXAndrew Colling26-30 Cruiser3rd
2015-10-10Double Point RaceStouffville BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-10-10Double Point RaceStouffville BMXSami Colling9 Intermediate2nd
2015-11-14Double Point RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-11-14Double Point RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9-10 Open2nd
2015-11-14Double Point RaceGrippen Park BMXSami Colling7-8 Open4th
2015-11-15Warnicke - SingleGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling10-11 Open3rd
2015-11-15Warnicke - SingleGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert1st
2015-11-15Local RaceChampions BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert1st
2015-11-28Local RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-11-28Local RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9-10 Open2nd
2015-12-05Local RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling10 Expert2nd
2015-12-12Local RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Cruiser2nd
2015-12-12Local RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-12-13Local RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Cruiser3rd
2015-12-13Local RaceGrippen Park BMXAndrew Colling9 Expert2nd
2015-12-13Local RaceGrippen Park BMXSami Colling10 and Under Girls Cruiser4th
2015-12-13Local RaceGrippen Park BMXSami Colling7-8 Girls Open4th