St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu Quebec racing results.

Saturday was a very exciting day, both Andrew Colling and Sami Colling finishing in 2nd place with some very tight racing.
Sunday came and both were determined to finish 1st today…but then chaos ensued.
Sami was in the mix with the girls in the first corner and crowded she had no where to go, she pushed hard for a 5th place finish.
Andrew was leading the pack and one of his competitors tried to make a move in the corner, slid out and hit Andrew causing him to drop his bike. (Andrew is ok)
In our sport there are good races and bad races, I would gladly take frustrated results over injury any day of the week.
Quebec was a great experience for our riders. Sami started the season in 8th place and worked her way up to a very tight 2nd place finish (so close to 1st). Andrew’s racing is being taken to the next level (jr devo) and proving he belongs.
Thank you Quebec for the great tracks, friendships and the memories.