USA BMX Grands Day 1

Today is the day!

Andrew Colling is racing the Grands first qualifier today,

Cruiser moto 255
– 9 racks of cruisers
– 51 riders aged 13)

Class moto 639
– 15 racks of 13X
– 89 riders aged 13 and expert level

Racing is to start at 11:10am
Andrew will only run 1 round on each bike today (2 races total), he needs to finish top 2 in order to qualify for the next round.

Sunday will be the busy day, finishing off the 2nd round of qualifiers, then on to 1/8th’s, 1/4’s, Semi’s and finally the main event.

Catch all the action online or follow us for updates on his progress:

You can watch or listen to the Grands webcast at or on youtube page (

Good luck Andrew, C-Yaa, all Canadian Riders and our friends and family in Tulsa!

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